Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you all.

We are now full steam ahead with 2012 and putting wheels in motion for another good year.

We have over the last few months been improving and enhancing the cottage and its facilities.

The big project has been the upgrading of  our provisions for “mans best friend” and have accordingly created 3 brand new insulated kennels with private sleeping quarters and runs!

We have had several happy visitors already, the shooting dogs can’t believe their luck. My 2 happily go in of their own accord for some piece and quiet!

The weather has been a bit strange,  mild and wet,  compared to 12 inches of snow last year.  Ice and snow replaced with gallons of water.

The ducks are loving it however the ponies are not so. I have had to lay some slabs in the field shelter to keep their hooves out of the mud. The chickens also seem to have taken up residency in there as opposed to their own coop.

We have also installed a bigger and better freezer in the cottage prior to the festive period. We were fully booked up again this year for christmas and New Year  and as you would expect more food and drink. This enhancement was well received and there for all to benefit from in 2012.

Just trying to get the veg plan sorted for this year, with it being so wet composting the beds is proving difficult. Last year we planted a flower cutting garden and without exception all the guests loved fresh flowers during their stay.

We have already received our first visitors for this year and taken bookings in March and June so fingers crossed we continue to hit the spot in terms of what our guests are looking for.

As last year we have launched a series of winter weekend breaks, gastronomic weekends ranging from great pub grub to fine Michelin dining. Clay pigeon shooting, walking, cycling and pampering from the warmth of the cottage as our specialist therapist comes to you.

Only one pest..the moles! My neighbouring farmer has caught 300 over winter. i cannot catch what i think is one.

I can see myself in that  Jasper Carrot sketch if i dont get a break through soon!


About Agra Cottage

Aims to make Agra Cottage the best self catering accommodation in North Yorkshire. We have 5 stars from Visit England so far but this is only the start and you can help! www.selfcateringcottages.net
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