Winter warmers!

Children back to school means autumn on the way, Time to switch rods for guns!

I have been able to both participate (Newton Mulgrave near Whitby) and host a team of guns staying at the cottage already this year. There are numerous well known lowland and grouse shoots very close to Agra Cottage – Swinton Park, Jervaulx, Fountains Abbey, who all let days. If you need help in arranging a day we can assist. Accordingly we have signed up with Guns on Pegs, as an accommodation provider and our first party had a great time. They arrived with guns, dogs and good cheer.

Our new Balmoral Reeves kennel block went down a storm with ‘mans best friend’ as they were kept dry, warm and comfortable further to a big day out.


The guns enjoyed great early season partridge and we had prepared a joint of beef for their return accompanied by much red wine! I even managed a brace for the freezer!

Autumn is very busy this year, possibly as a result of the awful summer weather. Guests have been watching the forecast before booking, however we now have a flurry of activity with only a few weekends available through September and October.

We are now also booked up for Christmas and New Year.

We have launched an autumn mid week offer which has been well received which includes home made supper prepared for your arrival and a reduced accommodation rate for 3 nights or more.

The female contingent of the family have taken to the saddle in a major way. Mummy is hell bent on hunting this year as are my 3 and 5 year olds ( I can see a backlash here on first meet!)

Having recently been lucky enough to have a go on an Segway X2 (the off road one!) I have decided this would be the ultimate following vehicle! We actually went foraging on them, got plenty of sloes and could have gathered a few mushrooms to boot. That is a weekend break I have wanted to arrange for some time, mushrooms and berries in the autumn paired with some cooking to show off our spoils…if anyone could assist in this please get in touch. A yorkshire version of white truffle hunting in Peidmont!

All in all I think I prefer the winter, warm jumpers, log burning stove, winter sports and great dark evenings with friends, red wine and lots of banter.


Wonderful sunsets


Young foragers in action


About Agra Cottage

Aims to make Agra Cottage the best self catering accommodation in North Yorkshire. We have 5 stars from Visit England so far but this is only the start and you can help!
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