” Beautiful barn conversion, stunning scenery a lovely retreat”

“fabulous time to bond with new baby – 4 days old. Great decor, peaceful, lovely walks”

” Had a wonderful holiday. Great place to recharge our batteries, cottage lovely, fantastic views”

“I loved the ice cream” Age 6

“Agra cottage is beautiful and superbly equipped. The beds are the most comfortable ones I’ve ever slept in on holiday. Location perfect – couldn’t have asked for better”

“We were looking for the perfect retreat from busy lives we found it Agra cottage (after asking a farmer for directions!) We knew we had arrived somewhere special when we were greeted by the rabbits,  grouse, ducks and chickens. Agra cottage is so comfortable, the surroundings so peaceful, this has been perfect. What a way to unwind”

Thank you to all our great guests.

More soon!!

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The summer of 11

The summer is now racing on and we have not been posting as much as we would have wanted. We have been round the shows, The Great Yorkshire Show, The CLA Game Fair, and the big one this weekend.

The Great Yorkshire show was as usual Great, it combines both work and play for us. The day job with Angels Events, Harrogate (Facebook) (Twitter) involves us working with Welcome to Yorkshire in the  production of their stand, see some of the pics attached. It is far more than just a stand, the 3 days are back to back entertainment, demonstrations, talks and good fun, based on the work Welcome to Yorkshire does in the region and it also provides a portal for local business to project their wares. This year was a huge success in difficult times. I personally thought the show was busy this year which was good to see.

by Angels Events Ltd, Harrogate by Angels Events Ltd, Harrogate   

The CLA was huge!!! Blenheim Palace did it proud, it truly is an awesome place.

However, Ripley this weekend.. We have entered our “Thelwell” with our 2 daughters (aged 2 and 4) in the fancy dress section of the competition.

The build up has been immense in many ways! Firstly we don’t have a horse-box,  or a car which has a tow bar that we can all travel in so we have hired a horse-box from Thirsk, and further to frankly a disgraceful quote from our local LR main dealer set about obtaining genuine parts from elsewhere on the internet and had a private auto electrician from Masham install them. This saved us £400 on the tow bar!!!

Secondly, neither Barney or the children are “show ready” by any means! However  we have been very fortunate in that we have a secret weapon in Amy who has spent hours practising with the children ( my 4 yr old now does a rising trot!) , shampooing and grooming Barney. This leaves me only to pick up the poo! ( i am now wanting a poo picker if anyone can help!)

My wife has embraced the whole new shopping experience and we have multiple sets of tack and clothing for the little ones!

Anyway the weekend is looming and everyone is very excited. Our friends at Big Day Film Company who are professional documentary filmmakers and who produce amazing wedding DVDs (website) have offered to film the event. So goodness knows what is going happen when the film crew and pantechnican descends upon Ripley this weekend!!

There was me thinking this was a bit of fun!

The cottage has been full back to back. We have enjoyed some great guests and a big shout out to the Millers, who have invited us to Switzerland to visit them, and The Lloyds, especially Ella who drew us this thank you picture

The veg patch is in full production with courgettes, carrots, tomatoes, peas and broad beans being harvested by the tonne.

In the flower garden the sweet peas are prolific and all out guests, without exception, enjoy these during their stay.

The only one nuisance is that we appear to have a mole or 2 trying to tunnel in…I will update you on this and our war against the rabbits next time!

bye for now.

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Agra Cottage launches a blog!

Happy Dad!

With the sun comes a frenzy of activity at Agra Cottage.

We recently received 5 star award from Visit England for our boutique self catering accommodation near Masham, North Yorkshire and this has spurred us into action!

We have already in 2011 welcomed many guests to our North Yorkshire retreat near Masham and here is to welcoming many more.

One of our guests recently left this note in our comments book

“We were looking for the perfect retreat from busy lives..we found it at Agra cottage (after asking a farmer for directions!) We know we had arrived somewhere special when we were greeted by the Grouse, rabbits chickens and ducks! The Cottage is so comfortable, the surroundings so peaceful this has been perfect. What a way to unwind”

Thank you Chris and Chris you were great guests and please come again soon. I know it sounds naff but it does make all the difference when guests connect with the place as we have done.

We have recently joined up with Welcome to Yorkshire and in the coming months will feature on Yorkshire.com

Merlin our Shetland pony has become a dad and mum and baby Merlin doing well.

We have extended our brood to include some lavender Pekin chickens who with their fluffy feet now wander about the place and who produce the most wonderful tiny eggs for our children!!

I have been busy mowing, pruning and weeding. We have also started hardening of the veg we have grown ready for the patch. Our new cutting garden is taking shape, well i have decided where it is going and have prepared the ground. In the greenhouse we have been growing sweet peas for the cottage, and Borage Blue, Heartease and Calendula for edible salads (sounded like a good idea) Guests can look forward to an array of veg and flowers over the summer months.

 follow our tweets @agracottage and we will report back soon!

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