Spring has Sprung!

At last the grass has started to grow….which means I had also get blogging again!

I must admit I was tired of twittering, blogging, and FBing about none other than the snow, how cold it was etc etc and i am not going to go over it again now.

We have been lambing, and again what a torrid time most farmers have had this year, fortunately we have only been dipping in and out of “Uncle Obdobs” with the 2 children who find it amazing. They have been scrambling into pens to feed the pet lambs and I am amazed that even when the true reality of farming hits they seem to understand even at the little ages of 4 & 5.

Anyway that seems to be over now, but are expecting a foal soon….more later!

We have had many guests already this year who have fought the weather to come and stay. I am pleased to report they all seem to think it has been worth it! We have had to reschedule several visits this year and good news is that they will be coming round soon for those who have been disappointed that they have been unable to attend.

Le grand depart is coming! July 5th next year, the first stage of Le Tour de France will cycle literally through the dale! We have had a couple of enquiries to stay, but I am holding out for team Sky and Bradley wiggins…I have actually tweeted them on the idea!


At the cottage, this weekend I may just dare to plant out some veg in the patch.. I know it has risks but can’t continue to look at the redundant ground.

Last weekend we went to the Rare breed sale at York auction market. I thought I may of had some exciting news in respect of a new addition to the brood, but alas no. I have had my sights set on a highland, Longhorn or a Belty for years and this was going to be it. Nothing Moo-ved us!

We did however expand the eccentric chicken collection with some more Pekins and some very pretty Frizzles. Here is one!


The eggs are tiny!

Paddocks have been hoovered and we are going through our spring maintenance program. So who knows what we will rear this year.

On the sporting front we have entertained some guests on a shooting weekend in association with Warren Gill, at Fearby. They had a great time with Anne and Dave and this continues to be a favourite short break. if you haven’t tried it…what have you got to loose details on the our site.

I am still stalking the river, however this weekend is going to be perfect. It has been too cold for months and as yet have not donned waders this year. The Ure looks beautiful a the moment. As I crossed the bridge at Masham last night, the sunlight glimmered over the surface and there were many fish rising.

One downside to Spring which is going to commence today is lawn mowing season! 3 acres once a week is a lot of mowing.

However my waistline could do with it!

Post back and look forward to seeing you all soon!


About Agra Cottage

Aims to make Agra Cottage the best self catering accommodation in North Yorkshire. We have 5 stars from Visit England so far but this is only the start and you can help! www.selfcateringcottages.net
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